Frequently Asked Questions

What is BitcoViews?

BitcoViews is a earning page that allows you to earn Bitcoin in different forms, such as timer-based faucet, short links, PTC or daily challenges.

How can I withdraw?

Simply go to Finances -> Withdrawal and execute your withdrawal as soon you reach the minimum withdrawal of 0 BTC.

How can I advertise on your page?

You can create PTC advertisements on our page.
First, you need to make a deposit. Hereby, you can deposit directly on-chain or through FaucetPay.
Upon deposit, you can start placing PTC ads. These will be shown to users once they are confirmed.

Why did I got banned from using the faucet?

There are several reasons as follows:

  • VPN use
  • Double account on same network
  • Suspicious behaviour

If you think, you was banned by mistake, please contact us.

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

Please consider contacting us.